About me and how Day by Day Life was born

Hello there! I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to connect with you. My name is Urša, and I've been living with type 1 diabetes since 2003. It was just two months before my 20th birthday when I received the diagnosis, and it felt like my world came crashing down. I was shattered and believed my life was over. But something inside me urged me to rise and keep moving forward, learning about the disease, one day at a time. I made a promise to myself to find a way to cure it.

I dedicated myself to maintaining a healthy diet, keeping my blood sugar levels as stable as possible, and always staying active. However, over time, I got used to my diabetes and my need for insulin continued to slowly increase since the diagnosis.


Fast forward 18 years, when everything changed. It was in 2021. I was introduced to a life training program that helped me gain a deeper understanding of how various aspects of my health and diabetes were interconnected. Slowly, I began to shift my daily habits, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Along with this transformation, my insulin intake decreased by a remarkable 70% over the course of 2.5 years. Today, I need 70% less insulin compared to 2.5 years ago.

I feel incredible - physically and emotionally. I'm happier, stronger, and more balanced than ever before. My motivation to learn and improve further is at an all-time high.

I found my life purpose

This journey has helped me discover my life purpose. I now understand why I struggled to improve my diabetes in the past. While food and exercise are important, diabetes management is so much more than just what we eat and how we move.

My extraordinary results have ignited a deep desire within me to share this knowledge with everyone facing diabetes-related challenges and help them lead better, healthier lives. My mission is to support people with diabetes in improving their health and empowering them to manage diabetes more effectively.


I cherish every step of this journey, and I welcome anyone to travel with me on this journey.

Let's walk this path together and create a brighter future.