The content about diabetes that you will find on our website is a combination of personal patient experience and the latest diabetes research available. Our founder has been living with T1D since 2003, and after recognizing that all the unique insights about the condition would be super useful for other diabetics, she made the decision to share this valuable knowledge with her fellow diawarriors.


So our goal is to share content that is useful and immediately actionable for people living with diabetes (type 1 and 2). Things you can start using today. Things that can improve your condition as soon as you implement recommendations. Additionally, we will also provide content that will help you understand your disease better, which means you can then control it better.

Diabetes math

What is CARB RATIO and how to calculate it?
Diabetics need carb ratio to help us calculate, how much insulin we need for a meal. It tells us how many insulin units we need to cover the amount of carbs we eat in a meal. For example, if our carb ratio is 1:10, this means that for 1


Instant insulin resistance
Have you ever had this situation: you feel perfectly fine, relaxed and calm, you eat your lunch, you bolus properly, but then... A huge spike that just won’t come down. No mater how much you bolus, insulin just doesn’t seem to have any impact. Until after a few hours you

Diabetes stress

Reaction vs Recognition
Do you have any experience in your diabetes life, how your emotions impact your blood sugars? I have many! :) I can say I’m pretty emotional and I think you might find yourself in this description as well in some situations happening in your life. So let’s talk about the difference