Are you starting to get worried about how you'll make it this year for Christmas, so that your blood glucose levels won't go through the roof?

I really understand your struggle. I've been in this before. Being diabetic means thinking about blood sugar and spikes constantly. You can't run away from it. And Christmas can become a nightmare with all the research and preparations regarding what to cook so that sugars will stay in range.

Year after year I was afraid of what will happen this time. How bad will it be. How many days after will I have high sugars?
What to eat so that my sugars stay in the green, target zone as much as possible?
I believe I finally managed to find a solution. No more worries, no more frustrations, no more spikes. Just steady and nice blood glucose that would make anyone happy!

It really took me a long time, but it was worth the time and energy because now I am ready to also share it with you, who are dealing with similar struggles! With one and only goal in mind - to help you leave behind all the stress regarding food and instead enjoy quality time with your loved ones as well as enjoying the delicious meals you'll prepare and eat without feeling guilty.

Are you with me? I prepared 3 versions for you:

MEAT, FISH or VEGETERIAN Christmas dinner.

All the recipes are lactose and gluten free, as these ingredients frequently cause issues for many people, often without their awareness.

All 3 options include:

All the recipes (starter, soup, main course and a dessert) that won't cause any glucose spike.
Shopping list ready to use at any time when you go for grocery shopping in the following days - it includes all the ingredients and quantities you need to make the perfect dinner.
Reminders so that you don't forget any step.
Notifications for when you need to complete specific tasks (for example shopping, starting with food preparations, decoration ideas etc.), ensuring a hassle-free experience on the day of your Christmas dinner.

BONUS for every order:

Diabetes Blueprint - 23 pages e-book that will help you take care of the main 3 aspects of diabetes!